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There are two types of monthly dues (depending on your practice schedules). Please check for details carefully.

Waco Kendo Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization – contributions and donations to Waco Kendo are tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law.

Monthly Dues to the Doris Miller Community Center

​There is a monthly fee which each member should pay to the Doris Miller Community Center (credit card, personal check payable to the city of Waco, or cash):

  • $10/month for children and college students

  • $20/month for adults

If you can use credit card, you can pay by calling the center (254-750-1956) during their business hours.

Monthly Dues to Waco Kendo

There are additional fees of $10/person/month for members attending weekday practices at the Columbus Avenue Church The Center. This payment should be made directly to the dojo: paypal to You can make a one time payment or set up a recurring payment through from [this link].​

Note that you don't need to have paypal account for payments via paypal. You can use a credit card. (We discourage the use of zelle and venmo now. We are trying to use a single method for ease of management.)

Annual Kendo Federation Dues

All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) and Southwest Kendo and Iaido Federation (SWKIF) memberships are required for members to participate in regional/national seminar, tournament, and testing events. All Waco Kendo Dojo members are encouraged to join.

National and regional membership drive for renewing and new members typically start on March, but remain open all year round to accept new members that did not make it for the membership drive.

Payments are managed online:

Payments: Apply Now

Kendo Equipment Purchases

Kendo Equipment Purchases from Dojo

You can purchase kendo equipments from suppliers such as, but we carry some stuff (in particular, shinai, shinai bag, tsuba, etc) and provide them with dojo rate.

  • Shinai [e-bogu rengi, maruyama kendo supply]: $30/shinai

  • Shinai + shinai bag + tsuba: $50​

​Please let senseis know if you are interested in them. The items in stock are listed [here].

Payments: Apply Now
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