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Thank you for your interest in our club. 

For beginners, all you need is comfortable clothes (t-shirt/shorts or sweats) and a shinai.  Your first practice will be a trial with free of charge. We suggest that beginners with no prior experience start on the first Saturday of each month, which would allow you to join the practice cycle smoothly.

For your first practice, we should be able to rent out a shinai if you don't have your own. From your second practice, you would want your own shinai - we will be able to provide a shinai together with the shinai bag and tsuba. Eventually you would need extra shinais and we can provide with the dojo rate [link]. You can also purchase shinai, shinai bag, tsuba etc from suppliers such as with appropriate length and weight [shinai regulation chart]. They are all quality shinai on these sites listed, so an inexpensive complete one is fine - be careful they also sell the bamboo only, you will need a complete one, unless you are familiar with how to assemble one with separate parts by yourself.

We suggest that members work out the schedule so that you can practice twice a week (or more in a season when we have practice more than twice a week) on a regular basis. From our past experience, it will help both practitioners and instructors.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions about joining, shinas and equipments by contacting us.


We don't have any explicit age restrictions and wholeheartedly welcome young kids in our classes. At the moment, members of our youth group are between 6 and 13 years of age.


​There is a monthly fee which each member should pay. Check payments page.


Apart from regular shinais discussed above, after ten practices, you can purchase a keiko-gi (cotton top) and hakama (pleated trousers) from various suppliers (~$100). We stress basics, so shinais are all you will need for the first several months.

As your skill & commitment progresses, the sensei(s) will indicate when you can start to wear/acquire bogu (armor for kendo). These can be purchased through suppliers such as, with about $300-$800+. We have some second hand bogu sets in stock. Please let senseis know if you are interested in them.

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