Thank you for your interest in our club. 

For beginners, all you need is comfortable clothes (t-shirt/shorts or sweats) and a shinai. For your first practice, we may be able to rent out a shinai if you don't have your own. From your second practice, you would need your own shinai - you can buy one from suppliers such as or or with appropriate length [shinai length chart] with about $30/shinai. They are all quality shinai on these sites listed, so an inexpensive complete one is fine - be careful they also sell the bamboo only, you will need a complete one. Please also get shinai bag (suggest that you buy one that can accommodate multiple shinais) and tsuba (one would be sufficient). Please note that shinais may break, especially after you advance to higher levels and do more strikings, so we encourage people to have additional shinais.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions about joining, shinas and equipments by contacting us.

Monthly dues

  • $10/month for children and college students

  • $20/month for adults

This is a monthly fee which each member should pay to the Bledsoe Miller Community Center (cash, personal check payable to the city of Waco, or credit card).


Apart from regular shinais discussed above, after ten practices, you can purchase a keiko-gi (cotton top) and hakama (pleated trousers) from various suppliers (~$100). We stress basics, so shinais are all you will need for the first several months.

As your skill & commitment progresses, the sensei(s) will indicate when you can start to wear/acquire bogu (armor for kendo). These can be purchased through suppliers such as or or with about $300-$800+.

Annual Kendo Federation Dues

All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) and Southern United States Kendo and Iaido Federation (SUSKIF) memberships are required for members to participate in regional/national seminar, tournament, and testing events. All Waco Kendo Dojo members are encouraged to join.

National and regional membership drive for renewing and new members typically start on March, but remain open all year round to accept new members that did not make it for the membership drive.

Payments are managed online:
– New members need to created an account in order to manage their payments online.
– Please click here for payment instructions.